Mxr Dookie Drive Pedal

Mxr Dookie Drive Pedal. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of dookie, we're releasing the mxr dookie drive pedal. Billie joe armstrong’s guitar tone on green day’s groundbreaking album dookie sounded dirty and punchy with the perfect amount of articulation to express the musicality of his fast.

MXR Dookie Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal Version 3
MXR Dookie Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal Version 3 from

Presenting the mxr dd25 dookie drive v3 overdrive pedal, capturing billie joe armstrong's signature sound from green day's dookie album. Probably a pretty darned great state of the art marshall in a box type pedal. We borrowed the amps themselves so that the mxr team could carefully analyze all the sonic qualities that make them sound so darn good.

Maybe We're All A Bunch Of Green Day Fanboys, But It Just Looked And Sounded Awesome!

Mxr dd25v3 green day dookie drive v3 unicorn highlights. Emulates 2 distinct amplifier stacks and allows you to blend between them. Finally taking some steps to sound like billies blue.

Tweak Each Amp Channel To Your Needs With Separate Gain And Output Controls.

Mxr fod drive a lower price evolution of the mxr dookie,” it’s based on greenday’s billy joe armstrong’s two custom marshall 100w plexi super lead amps. 100% parts and labour coverage. Log in or sign up to leave a comment.

Mxr Dookie Drive Pedal Features:

The mxr dookie drive v3 is an amazing overdrive pedal with a lot of options for cool tones. Dial in your sound with output, gain, and tone. Replicates billie joe armstrong’s guitar tone on green day’s dookie.

Presenting The Mxr Dd25 Dookie Drive V3 Overdrive Pedal, Capturing Billie Joe Armstrong's Signature Sound From Green Day's Dookie Album.

Mxr’s dookie drive pedal was based on the rig of modified marshalls that billie joe armstrong used on green day’s third album. But the dookie drive pedal isn’t just for green day fans—this totally unique pedal provides a full harmonic range of overdriven tones for a playing experience that is full of depth and dimension. Rating * name email * review subject * comments * $349.00) sku:

In Celebration Of The 25Th Anniversary Of Green Day's Groundbreaking Album Dookie, This Pedal Captures The Dirty Yet Articulate Sound Billie Joe Armstrong Used On That Record, Combining The Sounds Of Two Modded Amplifiers Into A Single Stomp Box For A Harmonic Range Full Of Depth.

After much analysis and a/b testing, our engineers rebuilt the amps from scratch in. Description *legacy product / no longer in production. Mxr dd25 green day dookie drive overdrive.