Amarillo Right Angle Gear Drive Oil

Amarillo Right Angle Gear Drive Oil. All spiral bevel gears are precision machined from nickel alloy steel, case hardened, and lapped in pairs. Service factor ratings in the catalog tables.

2009 Amarillo S200A Right Angle Gear Drive Pump Head
2009 Amarillo S200A Right Angle Gear Drive Pump Head from

Because of the reliable, efficient and economic operation of these drives, they met with widespread acceptance. I just put in a well and irrigation system. Local stock tailored to the needs of the australian irrigation industry.

Amarillo Right Angle Pump Drive.

Amarillo pump drives (30 hp to. Our first product line consisted of right angle drives used with vertical turbine pump applications. Today, standard models include a wide variety of drives in a wide range of ratios and configurations.

Amarillo Oil Filtration Machine For Cooling Towers Catalogue.

Amarillo right angle pump drive used #312214j turns good 48 x 42 x 29 at. We purchased an amarillo 100 hp gear head for the well and i was wondering what i. Amarillo gear company began designing and manufacturing spiral bevel right angle pump drives in 1934, primarily for the irrigation industry.

Increase Two Iso Viscosity Grades If The Ambient Temperature Exceeds 122°F (50°C).

5.5 gallons (21 l) weight, domestic shipping: Available for fans up to 40 feet in diameter, these right angle gearboxes are designed to meet an array of fan drive requirements. 2bl 51268 disclaimer this item was not functionally tested and no guarantees on condition or operability are made by us.

With More Than 35 Years Working With Amarillo Gear Company, Hebco Is The Small Pump Drive Specialist.

Gear box 6:5 amarillo gear box 490hp 2100rpm 6:5 ratio amarillo make: Amarillo 2bl right angle pump drive gear drive, 70 hp, 70 hp, 1 to 1 ratio, rh drive, lh pump, 4 bolt flange, sn: If you have further questions about any of these products, please contact us.

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Increase one iso viscosity grade if the ambient temperature exceeds 95°f (35°c). Since there are no differences in the critical mounting dimensions, the 'a' series will make gear drive replacements easy. Amarillo gear has been designing and manufacturing right angle drives since 1934 and is committed to complete noise and vibration testing under full horsepower loading up to 500hp.