Mag Drive Pump Working Principle

Mag Drive Pump Working Principle. Switzerland cp pumpen ag im bruehl 4800 zofingen p +41 62 746 85 85 f +41 62 746 85 86 sites. 1:feature cq magnetic coupling stainless steel centrifugal pump stainless steel magnetic pump (cq) is applied as the main working principle of magnetic couplings in centrifugal pump of new type pump products, pump body and flow components adopts 304 stainless steel material, design is very reasonable, the craft is advanced, has the full seal, no leakage.

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Switzerland cp pumpen ag im bruehl 4800 zofingen p +41 62 746 85 85 f +41 62 746 85 86 sites. The pump liquid is hermetically sealed from the drive end and the driving power is transmitted via magnetic force, using powerful synchronous magnetics (magnetic coupling). Due to the pump body, pump shaft, the magnetic rotor of sleeve completely.

Advances In Pump Technology Have Enabled Engineers To.

Reasonable design, advanced technology, with fully sealed, without leakage, corrosion resistance, etc. The structure is really simple so that the pump requires a very reduced. Any question,please feel free to contact us!

Techniflo Magnetic Drive Pumps Are A Leak Free Centrifugal Pump, Suitable For Any Corrosive Or Hazardous Chemical Including Dirty, Aggressive, Solids Laden Liquids.

As the gears come out on the inlet side of the pump, they produce an expanded volume. Mag drive pump factories,mag drive pump working principle. How magnetic drive pumps work.

Magnetic Drive And Canned Motor Pumps Are Two Types Of Sealless Pumps.

Are a design of magnetically driven chemical process pump which eliminate need for shaft sealing. Htp magnetic drive pumps have a particular sealless design that is suitable to pump dangerous liquids thanks to the high chemical resistance and absence of leakage and emissions. Find out more about our mkp pump in our animation.

Switzerland Cp Pumpen Ag Im Bruehl 4800 Zofingen P +41 62 746 85 85 F +41 62 746 85 86 Sites.

Often, the choice of pump depends only on site standards or preferences. The t series is a high performance magnetic drive pump which is completely leak free and has a high level of corrosion resistance. A magnetic drive pump can be repaired or upgraded because the motor is not an integral part of the pump.

The Difference Between Them Is How Energy Is Transferred To The Impeller.

This article contains extracts from the paper, the application of ultrasonic technology to improve the reliability of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps by samuel. Tenglong major in mag pumps design and manufacture. The driving torque is transmitted by a permanent magnetic coupling to an internal magnet that moves the impeller.